Business Analytics

Based on the Company’s rich experience, expertise and in-depth knowhow of the shipping industry,  Benefit Software has developed the best-in class Business Analytics services that not only incorporate the traditional advantages of a typical Business Intelligence Suite (acceleration of decision-making time, automation of financial reports, quick and easy identification of risks, multiple real-scenarios investigation, etc) but also  act as a valuable partner for

  • pointing out critical needs
  • establishing realistic targets
  • evaluating raw-data quality
  • developing methods and tactics so to smoothly incorporate the BA into the existing ERP system

The utilization of Benefit Software Business Analytics services and methods into the ERP system, allows our clients to take advantage of a fully customized and sophisticated  decision tool that

  • combines all disciplines into a single platform.
  • develops consistent, coherent and meaningful presentations to management for reaching accurate decisions
  • provides department heads with intelligent reporting of their own business
  • keeps employees well-informed through the necessary daily reporting

Benefit Software Business Analytics services are built upon TARGIT BI Suite, a world-leader and  a Gartner’s Magic Quadrant awarded software, known for its exceptional levels of flexibility and user-friendliness  that allows data manipulation from any source (ERP, CRM, WMS, EXCEL or Text files etc.), at any combination, while safeguarding remarkable  performance and stability of the system.


Benefit Software has successfully developed all required procedures and protocols in cases of migration tasks. Risk assessment and additional measures for risk reduction (customized utilities and procedures) are developed by the BENEFIT team, ensuring proper export and re-import to Benefit’s Applications. Till today, Benefit software has performed the process analysis and design, the implementation and the data testing for more than 80 shipping companies  that needed data migration from all crucial ERP sectors (Accounting, Crew, Plan Maintenance, Spare Parts, etc),  achieving a remarkable 100% data transfer as well as 0% defaults.


BENEFIT SOFTWARE has been known for the ability to develop  unique features and specialized procedures that are  absolutely customized to the needs of certain projects and  regulations. Talk to our experts and we will configure the most accurate, transparent and effective applications for your needs. 


Enjoy full BENEFIT SOFTWARE advantages with no upfront investment, no per-user fees, no software installation cost. Benefit is a pioneer in the development of SaaS services, the most comprehensive approach for any shipping company that seeks ERP solutions enriched with the benefits of the certain technology. Benefit offers ready-to-use ERP solutions through SaaS approach, providing cloud application software which can be accessed by several remote devices. Benefit Saas services have already been widely accepted by the industry, providing amazing levels of flexibility.

Cloud Platform

Run your applications faster, adjust your resources to changes,
reduce your costs.

Thanks to the Cloud Technology, BENEFIT offers “Cloud computing” to a broad community of end-users at shipping industry who access cloud-based applications through a web browser or a light-weight desktop or mobile application while the business software and data remain stored on servers at a remote location. This new technology permit us to help shipping companies get their applications up and running faster, while it also enables IT people to adjust resources more rapidly to meet forever-changing and unpredictable business demand.

The off-site status of the cloud technology makes it  ideal for supporting business continuity and disaster recovery. The reduced cost as a result of pricing which is now centered on usage-based options is another ace up our sleeve. There is, of course, a fixed monthly fee but don’t forget that you didn’t have to invest in extra software and hardware in the first place and the high annual maintenance and payroll costs have been significantly limited. Trusting its long-established knowhow and ongoing employee training schemes Benefit Software offers all the benefits of the Cloud technology, making more affordable than ever before the establishment of an advanced ERP system with no compromise on required transparency, accuracy and controllability.