Minimize required training time and make your applications fully functional quickly!

BENEFIT extensively implements the technological tools so to make the required training period as short and effective as possible. Long distance training substantially reduces application implementation cost while it contributes to the effectiveness of the overall ERP system. Through its long-time experience, BENEFIT has developed all required training protocols necessary to achieve really short training and implementation times. Especially for some modules/applications training and implementation required time has already been below 2 hrs.


Take advantage of the best Support dpt in the market and enjoy the shortest lead-times in problem solving.

It is not only the smooth and flawless functionality nor even the user-friendliness or the extra decision-making applications available that have positioned BENEFIT on top of the ERP providers for the shipping industry. It is first and foremost the high degree of responsiveness to support-related issues. Our on-call availability of staff and the extremely short lead time of problem solving have become the “talk of the town” reaching an average reaction and problem solving time of about 3hrs. All layers and departments of the company (including top management) are ABSOLUTELY and ALWAYS accessible to all customers needs. After all, it is our very culture to act as “internal” client’s team as opposed to “external consultants”