3rd ShipIT Conference: Business Analytics @ Work

This year’s 3rd ShipIT Conference, organized with the cooperation of AMITEC, was not just marked by the Benefit Software’s sponsorship of the event; a striking presentation given by Mrs. Lempesi, HSQE Manager of Empire Navigation Inc. captured the attention of maritime business and IT executives by addressing a Business Analytics case-study, where the necessary steps, the challenges faced and the benefits of such an ambitious project implementation were in-depth analyzed.

Benefit Software is honored that bA+, the company’s Business Analytics set of services and tools, was recognized by Empire Navigation as a critical contributor for the development and successful implementation of Business Analytics into the corporate structure.

Moreover, we are proud that Empire Navigation has already started harvesting the benefits of such a service, advancing successfully into a new era of “data-driven” organization, where decision-making time is accelerated, opportunities and risks are well and on-time defined, automation of financial reports is a reality and management strategy is accurately served based on facts and impressive dashboards.

View the entire Empire Nav’s presentation at the following link

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