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Based on the Company’s rich experience, expertise and in-depth knowhow of the shipping industry, BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the best-in class Business Analytics services that not only incorporate the traditional advantages of a typical Business Intelligence Suite (acceleration of decision-making time, automation of financial reports, quick and easy identification of risks, multiple real-scenarios investigation, etc) but also  act as a valuable partner for

  • pointing out critical needs.
  • establishing realistic targets.
  • evaluating raw-data quality.
  • developing methods and tactics so to smoothly incorporate the BA into the existing ERP system.

The utilization of BENEFIT SOFTWARE Business Analytics services and methods into the ERP system, allows our clients to take advantage of a fully customized and sophisticated  decision tool that

  • combines all disciplines into a single platform.
  • develops consistent, coherent and meaningful presentations to management for reaching accurate decisions.
  • provides department heads with intelligent reporting of their own business.
  • keeps employees well-informed through the necessary daily reporting.

BENEFIT SOFTWARE Business Analytics services are built upon TARGIT BI Suite, a world-leader and a Gartner’s Magic Quadrant awarded software, known for its exceptional levels of flexibility and user-friendliness that allows data manipulation from any source (ERP, CRM, WMS, EXCEL or Text files etc.), at any combination, while safeguarding remarkable performance and stability of the system.

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