BENEFIT SOFTWARE at Posidonia 2018

BENEFIT Software welcomes the maritime community to Posidonia 2018, challenging again the digital stereotypes of the market and positioning the Company once more at the front and center of innovation. In a hyper-changing shipping-business environment, Benefit Software will introduce visitors to a comprehensive set of next generation, high performance, software technologies and services, a literally holistic digital-management fabric ready to serve as efficiently and effectively as ever before the operational and executive needs of the forward-thinking shipping enterprise.

Being the shipping industry’s favorite developer and provider of world-class software products and services for more than 27 years, Benefit Software will proudly present:

  • bSuite® : the awarded ERP framework
  • bA+ : the best-in-class set of business analytics tools and services, and
  • bTeam©  : the revolutionary  Information & Communication Management suite

All suitable for both office and vessel, fully compatible with major web/mobile platforms.

With a clear vision of what is ahead, we are confident that visitors to Benefit Software’s booth (Hall 4 – no. 318, June 4 – 8, Metropolitan Expo) will enjoy the opportunity to explore the industry’s truly leading integrated solutions required for accelerating the process towards the digital-management era.

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