BENEFIT SOFTWARE Crew Management Module

Committed to Integration

At Benefit Software, we pride ourselves on understanding the importance of open infrastructure, partnering with organizations and people who share our vision and core values. Moreover, we are committed in enabling our clients to extend the value of their ERP by seamlessly integrate with shipping industry’s leading applications and web-based tools.

Benefit Software delightfully welcomes Seagull Maritime as the newest member of the company’s integrated framework, a perfect complement for offering a user-friendly platform that fuels our client’s crew-management and training tools, allowing them to:

  • Transfer seafarer details from Benefit’s Crew Management module to Seagull e-learning system
  • Transfer e-learning and Company-Specific Training results from Seagull’s system to Benefit’s Crew Management Module,

on a fully integrated basis, on a single screen!

Without leaving Benefit Crew Management module, user will be able to view and manage Seagull seafarer details and training results for each crew member, implement transactional integration between maritime company and seafarer training report, perform crucial  crew management tasks dispersed into the two systems (eg. rank matching, update seaman details such as nationality, name, cross-check vessel type parameters, etc) and enjoy:

  • Centralized monitoring
  • Integrated overview of the training flow in the company
  • Elimination of duplicate effort for data entry
  • Modern and secure data transmission (Web API technology and secure SSL protocols)
  • Data integrity
  • GDPR compliance
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