The Purchasing Module “supercharge”

At Benefit Software, we are obsessed over integration of people, business, procedures and systems, providing our clients with the value, tools and results that only an industry leader can consistently deliver.

Just a few weeks after the addition of Seagull Platform into our Crew Management & Training modules, BENEFIT SOFTWARE is now taking one step further, by incorporating Procureship as the new, value-added element into the company’s ecosystem.

The new open-frame expansion supercharges the Company’s ERP with new characteristics and transforms Purchasing Module into the user’s gateway to global marketplace, where supplier lists, enquiries, orders, quotations & responses will be all tracked by case, real time. Without leaving Benefit Purchasing module, users will be able to accelerate purchasing-management, spotting, selecting and monitoring suppliers and orders from their ERP environment, enjoying:

  • Full automation of data exchange between Benefit ERP and Procureship’s global network of registered suppliers, seamlessly
  • One-click submission of multiple Enquiries & Orders without leaving the module
  • Real-time responses to their system.
  • Case tracking through Benefit ERP framework.
  • Instant access to a curated global marketplace
  • Improved productivity and minimization of user errors by automating repetitive tasks and eliminating manual data inputs.

all in one place, powered by the shipping-industry expertise of Benefit Software.

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