Benefit Software @Posidonia 2022

Where in depth business analysis, superior project-management, maritime best practices and exceptional training are all combined with the most awarded digital framework!

Benefit Software welcomes the international shipping community to a space dedicated to smooth Digital Acceleration:  a detailed masterplan full of skills, knowledge and technology that will connect the dots and guide you on every step of the journey, from the ground up.

Join us at Posidonia 2022 to

  • discover how our expertise will tailor your company needs and requirements
  • learn about our smooth and flawless one-click deployment from your current status to the new Digital era.
  • find out how you will maintain your data and business continuity with Data Migration
  • experience what Implementation Review and Monitoring really means and how you can increase your ROI with this.
  • leverage our vast experience in developing collaborative frameworks for large-scale shipping projects, while maintaining operations on the fly.

Our multidisciplinary team is ready to discuss with you how to blend in a single, digital ecosystem the data, the processes, the ERP, the business analytics and the industry expertise for designing, building and scaling outstanding business transformation.

Your organization’s roadmap, compass and itinerary for a smooth Digital Acceleration is here: Hall 4 | Booth 318 (June 6-10, 2022)

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