bTeam : It’s the Team!

BENEFIT SOFTWARE proudly presents bTeam© suite, the next-generation information management concept that allows, for the first time:

  • The connection of ERP and Messaging into a single platform, grouped by case
  • The integration of e-mail clients with the rest of the applications, in one screen

bTeam© is not just another software: it is first and foremost a revolutionary approach that expands communication and company networking in ways never seen before, changing forever the way we work and collaborate, allowing to build the most powerful and productive teams.

With bTeam© suite you will be able to:

  • Experience a new era of integrated communication where you can find, share and collaborate with all different info you need to get the work done, in just one place.
  • Work with any data type, data volume, from any communication channel,  at any location.
  • Enjoy full compatibility to all major web technologies and mobile platforms.
  • Achieve unique integration excellency that allows e-mail client and chat integration with the rest of the applications and ERP.
  • Utilize case-information tracking all the way through intake.
  • Exploit powerful search and storage options for managing projects and files.
  • Manage interdepartmental cases at a fully unified environment (office/vessel).
  • Establish advanced customization capabilities and rules settings that fully reflect company structure and existing workflows, regardless company size.
  • Implement filters-metadata combo-search at ERP/mails/documents with just one click.

BENEFIT SOFTWARE welcomes you to the the most powerful information management suite, exclusive designed for the shipping industry.

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