Cloud Platform

Run your applications faster, adjust your resources to changes, reduce your costs.

Thanks to the Cloud Technology, BENEFIT offers “Cloud computing” to a broad community of end-users at shipping industry who access cloud-based applications through a web browser or a light-weight desktop or mobile application while the business software and data remain stored on servers at a remote location. This new technology permit us to help shipping companies get their applications up and running faster, while it also enables IT people to adjust resources more rapidly to meet forever-changing and unpredictable business demand.

The off-site status of the cloud technology makes it ideal for supporting business continuity and disaster recovery. The reduced cost as a result of pricing which is now centered on usage-based options is another ace up our sleeve. There is, of course, a fixed monthly fee but don’t forget that you didn’t have to invest in extra software and hardware in the first place and the high annual maintenance and payroll costs have been significantly limited.

Trusting its long-established knowhow and ongoing employee training schemes BENEFIT SOFTWARE offers all the benefits of the Cloud technology, making more affordable than ever before the establishment of an advanced ERP system with no compromise on required transparency, accuracy and controllability.

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