Customer success & project coordinator

Job Description:

Customer success & project coordinators use their technical knowledge to support, monitor and customize ERP systems for clients from the maritime industry. The job is full time, based in Piraeus, Athens.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  •       Initiate Implementationresponsible for acting as the primary point of contact with each client.
  •       Assess Client Needsresponsible for continuous contact with the client in order to have  a detailed picture of what the client wants, needs and desires. It’s crucial that the Implementation specialist can identify the unique priorities of each client.
  •       Customize the SystemAfter identifying a client’s main goals, the Implementation Specialist will need to use that information to customize the client’s system to suit their individual needs.
  •       Demonstrate:After a client’s new system has been properly customized then, the Implementation Specialist is responsible to demonstrate the system and its features.
  •       Training: Execute training initiatives as requested; participate to the Training Content Development and Training Organisation activities

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Very Good level of English speaking and writing skills
  • Bachelor or graduate degree
  • Advanced computer skills

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