Posidonia 2016: bTeam© brings a new record

Posidonia 2016 proved to be a record-breaking week for Benefit Software participation: reaching the highest number of visitors ever, the Greek and International shipping community warmly confirmed the undisputable impact the newly launched bTeam© suite will bring into the industry.

At a company stand that quickly became the “talk of the fair” due its unique design and appeal, Benefit Software presented the revolutionizing collaboration and information management suite through impressive demos and real-case working scenarios, proving to hundreds of attendees the unlimited capabilities bTeam© carries and justifying its reputation as “the next evolution in communication”.

The long-awaited information management suite that connects ERP, mails, messages and documents, all in a single platform at a case-grouped base, as well as the awarded ERP and Business Analytics solutions the company offers, attracted, as expected, the strong interest of maritime professionals, reaffirming the leading position of Benefit Software as the no1 provider of software solutions, exclusively designed for the shipping industry.

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