BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the Accounts Payable Module in order to handle all invoices not included in the SPARE PARTS, STORES & PROVISIONS and ORDERING modules. The module integrates fully with the BENEFIT Budgeting Module, the Financial Management & Control System and the Stores & Provisions, Spare Parts, Insurances, Ordering, Payments, Voyages, MGA, Claims and Document Registry modules. 

With the Accounts Payable module you will be able to:

  • Monitor all the Invoices status which have been created through SPARE PARTS, STORES & PROVISIONS, INSURANCES, ORDERING & ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Modules.
  • Insert the approved Invoice into Accounting for further processing.
  • Allow further editing of Invoice details by the users of the involved departments.
  • Be notified if the amount of a registered invoice is altered after the transformation to Accounts Payable document.
  • Divide the invoice amount per cost center and vessel(s).
  • Monitor Obligation Lists.
  • Monitor suppliers’ turnover.
  • Monitor and compare average payment days for suppliers.
  • Link expenses with specific voyage, claim and MGA for cash to Master.
  • Allocate period for specific expenses.
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