BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed bAudit©, a mobile app that assists marine, technical superintendents and other internal inspectors to perform inspections and audits on board, through the use of mobile phones or tablets, regardless of ERP system used and/or network availability.

With bAudit© you will be able to:

  • Receive data from the Benefit Software ERP (Checklists, Vessels list, Inspections/Audit types etc) through a dedicated Cloud service and send back, via the same channel, completed Audit/Inspection reports, automatically creating the relevant entries.
  • Manage uploads of inspection reports from a single screen at the office.
  • Capture and attach photos to each inspection item via the device’s camera
  • Perform an inspection using any of the available downloaded checklists, insert comments for each question and add pictures, videos, audio records as well as other attachments to it.
  • Upload inspection reports to office straight from the mobile application (the system allows incremental uploads in case of connection loss, i.e. the upload resumes upon reconnect)
  • Receive notifications on your device in case new data from the Office becomes available, e.g. a revised checklist.
  • Create automatically entries in the system based on findings that are logged in the mobile inspections (observations, non-conformities etc).
  • Handle efficiently large files upload (of the order of more than 1 GB)
  • Reduce significantly overhead costs and double data entries
  • Enjoy compatibility with TMSA3 12A.4.2 Stage 4 requirement

Security / Audit

  • Only registered devices can send and receive data
  • Office can send inspections templates to selected mobile users and devices
  • Disable access to the application from registered devices, in case of loss or theft, directly through the ERP
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