BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the Budgeting Module in order to monitor the Yearly Budget of companies. It can also be used in integration with Accounting, Purchasing and other modules to allow you to compare actual figures with figures in the annual budget.

With the Budgeting Module you will be able to:

  • Customize cost centers per company.
  • Customize budget period per company.
  • Detail two types of transaction: Initial (budget period) and correction (specific period).
  • Departmental budget option.
  • Log file for transactions.
  • Set up a flexible bridge between Budget accounts and Actual accounts.
  • Add comments on budget.
  • Attach files to transactions.
  • Copy budget for period/vessel.
  • Prevent budget transaction from being edited once it has been activated.
  • Create file log for budget transaction (inserted/activated,etc).
  • Ensure the user inserts new transaction as correction to correct budget transaction amount.
  • Integrate module with the Accounting Module (Compare actual vs. budgeted amounts).
  • Integrate module with Reporting module (based on customized reports).
  • Integrate module with Purchasing modules (Spare Parts, Stores & Provisions, Ordering).
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