Benefit Software has developed the CII Reporting System in order to assist Shipping Companies, monitor, report and project attained CII and CII Ratings. The reporting complies with the Regulations:

– MEPC 78(352) – Attained CII Calculations
– MEPC 78(353) – CII Reference Lines
– MEPC 76(338) – CII Reduction Factors
– MEPC 78(354) – CII Rating
– MEPC 78(355) – CII Correction Factors (Under Development)

Features of the System:

  • The calculations are done automatically from the Data inserted in Vessel Performance Module, in Vessel Card’s Particulars and in Environmental Modules parameters for CII rating.
  • The CII report produces attained and rating results for previous years as well as for the current year up to now.
  • The CII Ratings are projected forward up to 2026 until which reduction factors are provided (as per 2022 information). The system can accommodate future changes in the existing reduction factors as well as the expansions into future years.
  • The ranges of the CII Rating per Vessel type are parametric, so that any future adjustments can be easily accommodated.
  • For each year and vessel, the total consumed quantities per fuel type are given as well as the total distance, the vessel’s dead weight the total laden and ballast days, the CO2 emissions, the attained CII and the CII Rating.
  • Similar information is also provided at Sea and Port Leg level to help the operators highlight specific voyages that may have significant effect in the CII calculation of the year.
  • The information can be printed or exported in Excel for further analyses by the Company.

CII Corrections

The system will be augmented to include exceptions as described in MEPC 78(355). These will be:

  • Exception of Consumptions and Distances during navigation in Ice and for Emergency reasons – The Vessel Performance system will be modified to include the above reasons as the Deviations so that the CII reporting system will recognize these entries for exception.
  • Exception of Consumptions during short STS Voyages – The calculation of these consumptions will be performed automatically by the system based on the information inserted in Vessel Performance by the Vessel users regarding STS Commence and STS Complete port operations.
  • Exception of Consumptions during Commercial operations and for Commercial reasons. These will be:
    1. Consumptions for Cargo Heating for Tankers – These will be calculated from the corresponding field in Vessel Performance Noon Report.
    2. Consumptions related to the Electrical Power produced for refrigerated containers for Container Ships – a new field in Vessel Performance Noon Reports will be inserted to log the amount of fuel consumed for this use daily.
    3. Consumptions related exclusively to the operation of cargo discharge pumps for Tankers, from whichever source, such as:
        • DGs – for electrically operated pumps
        • Boilers – for Steam driven pumps, or
        • Others – e.g. self-powered pumps.

      New fields will be inserted in the Cargo Discharge port activity to log the fuel consumed during this activity.

    1. EEDI/EEXI factors such as capacity correction for ice-classed vessels, cubic capacity factors for chemical tankers etc – The Vessel’s card will be augmented to include fields for these factors.

The user will be given the capability to apply exceptions on the AER calculation selectively in order to check the individual effect of each one.

Moreover, the user will have the option to insert evidence in the form of comments or attachments for each type of exception in order to justify their calculation.

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