Until today, you knew that CLEVER -i Mobile could allow you a real-time, 360° view of your operations with just a few clicks on your i-phone and android smartphones/tablets, obtaining all critical and constantly changing information at a glance!

Now, you will be able to spend less time in pulling data and more time in making important business decisions, carrying only your smartphone or your tablet!

CLEVER – i Mobile, the revolutionary module by BENEFIT SOFTWARE is now available for Blackberries too, allowing the user to have quick, reliable and easy access to daily critical info that is dispersed into the BENEFIT ERP system.

With CLEVER – i Mobile, the user can have access to links and reports of major search criteria such as “Vessel & Port”, by which he/she can get an accurate overview of the Fleet Position & Routes through Google map.

The “Vessels” search will provide information on:
•      Next Port Calls & Vessel Activity
•      Crew officers on board
•      NPRs of latest sea leg & Performance Results
•      Vessel specifications
•      Vessel’s contact details

CLEVER – i Mobile is not just another module in your ERP system: it’s a state-of-the-art, valuable tool for managing your shipping activities from your i-phone, and android smartphone/tablet!

CLEVER – i Mobile allows fast access to info, providing the answers you need to make smarter decisions. It has been designed following the shipping industry’s best practises and ensures optimal management coupled with efficiency and responsiveness.

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