BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the Crew Management Module in order the Shipping Companies’ Human Resources to manage on board and to deal with certificates and certificate validity on the vessels and with any necessary crew changes in the future. The module integrates with MGA for the monitoring of the financial status of seaman and also allows for monitoring of office staff or supernumeraries who go onboard (visitors, technicians etc.).

With the Crew Management Module, you will be able to:

  • Register each seaman’s information (personal details, prior sea service in the company or other companies, certificates, photographs, performance/evaluation reports, medical history reports etc.).
  • Group seamen’s information for rapid access to required data.
  • Check for duplicate seamen registration.
  • Search for seamen using all the registered information as search criteria.
  • Complete seaman card containing personal details, sea service, certificates, performance, remarks, etc.
  • Generate several types of Crew List in order to cover the demands of companies and port authorities.
  • Retrieve previous Crew Lists based on given date.
  • Monitor expiry date of seaman certificates.
  • Generate Seaman Requirement Report according to seamen contracts.
  • Monitor crew fluctuation.
  • Automatically see which certificates that are about to expire.
  • Provide notification in time to all on-board seamen whose contract is about to terminate.
  • View the proportion of turnover ratio of experienced seamen.
  • View the proportion of reasons for early termination of contract.
  • Analyze the Intertanko Retention Rate.
  • Create a Crew Change Plan. Process of determining sign-on schedule.
  • Search for seamen using multiple criteria.
  • Check seaman availability.
  • Check mandatory certificates for each rank.
  • Check performance/evaluation based on reports.
  • Check medical history reports.
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