BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the Document Control Module in order to manage the creation, processing and approval of documents & related forms.Apart from revision control the module supports other important activities such as manuals creation, workflow approval/reviewing procedures, ISM forms scheduling and completion, exchange and storing of user comments (either onboard or ashore) on documents, thus providing valuable feedback for the continuous improvement of the company’s ISM code.

With the Document Control Module you will be able to:

  • Create a schedule for periodically completed forms and monitor the pending ones via a monthly schedule plan.
  • Monitor document changes as well as have complete view of what each vessel’s ISM library includes. This is provided through reports that show:
    • List of changes of documents in a specific period
    • Documents that are pending for sending to vessels
    • Documents that have been sent
    • Documents that have been acknowledged by the vessels
  • Search into the library for specific keywords either in the title or in the body of the document.
  • Have access to the full history of completed forms as well as produce statistical information, graphs calculations etc. on the data inserted.
  • Review/Approve new revisions and monitor comments received from users, via workflow procedures
  • Edit new revisions directly from within the system and compare revisions.
  • Create Manuals with custom structure by defining chapters, sections and paragraphs.
  • Create operations/procedures and link documents and forms that have to be filled in during execution.

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