BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the Document Workflow Module in order to streamline and record the review and approval of documents. With Workflow, documents are transmitted electronically (e.g. between Purchasing and Accounting) to ensure fast decision making, effective management and complete document monitoring.
Work flow is a core system which offers predefined customized control of the electronic transmission of documents. It enables you to monitor workflow procedures while the BENEFIT Notification System automatically notifies users who need to be updated.

With the Document Workflow Module you will be able to:

  • Specify workflow participants and responsibilities.
  • Create default workflow scenarios based on type of document, vessel, amount and/or action to be taken.
  • Recall, redirect or end a workflow or ask for clarification, subject to user’s level of access.
  • Monitor completed and pending actions. Record details such as completion time and response time for completed actions.
  • Monitor productivity of document review & approval procedures.
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