BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the FMC Module in order to effectively manage financial data. It is integrated with other modules (MGA, Supply, Operations, freight Collection etc.) to provide advanced integrated information. It is a user-friendly package which works in a Windows environment and offers amazingly fast information processing.
It also provides an integrated security system within which multiple users can be assigned with access rights for specific registration tasks while permitting simultaneous monitoring of more than one financial year for reporting purposes.
It is fully compatible with Microsoft Excel to allow the user to create tailor-made reports to suit the requirements and individual features of a company.

With the FMC Module, you will be able to:

  • Automatically calculate exchange differences.
  • Automatically create inter-company transactions.
  • Automatically create break down of prepayment transactions between two or more financial years.
  • Work in Multiple currencies.
  • Break down running costs.
  • Match invoices with payments and vice versa.
  • Create debit transactions in payment order article by selecting the invoices that will be settled from the list of open invoices, with simultaneous matching.
  • Analyze payments (Payment Order Analysis) for a specific period (Suppliers and invoices that have been settled, expenses of companies/vessels that invoices relate to).
  • Perform closing – opening of financial/Intermediate periods.
  • Print out bank cheques.
  • Analyze payments.
  • Monitor bank balances.
  • Carry out Bank Reconciliation.
  • Monitor open invoices and prepayments (open items).
  • Schedule payments and search for company’s liabilities.
  • Generate Trial balance – Analytical Ledger – Transaction List.
  • Extract reports such as: Balance sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow.
  • Compare actual results with estimated.
  • Group invoices per department (monitoring which department the invoice is awaiting approval from and for how long).
  • Monitor consolidated and per voyage balances of charterers’.
  • Monitor of Voyage Results.
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