BENEFIT SOFTWARE has designed three modules: Budget, Reclassification Transactions and Reporting to help you create customized reports such as: Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements, Running Costs and other managerial reports.
Reclassification Transactions allows you to produce financial reports based on specific SOX requirements.
These modules can be used together with the Accounting so that you can retrieve figures from the database.

With the FMC Reports Module you will be able to:

  • Specify a control account for each cost or income account. For each control account the budget is updated with transactions for which there is a Log.
  • Set up a bridge between Budget accounts and Actual accounts.
  • Enjoy unlimited design possibilities to cover all report design requirements.
  • Analyze information at multiple levels, e.g. per company, per period (quarter, year), comparison of 2 periods, comparison with the previous period, comparison accounting vs budget, etc.
  • Reclassify transactions using either ledger cards or specific accounts which are defined by the module and, in combination with accounting transactions for a specific period, generate the financial reports.
  • Create a template that is not editable. In order to modify the template, users must create a new revision and publish it. All revisions are kept in the system for monitoring. A relevant Log file is kept in the system.
  • Lock reclassification transactions at user’s request.
  • Block output of report into Excel.
  • Use data directly from the accounting’s database for reports (not from temporary files or counters).
  • Compare report results with relevant level of Chart of Accounts and track mission accounts using the special tool this module provides.
  • Generate an Excel file which does not have any functions (e.g. summaries are automatically calculated by the report generator).
  • Save already generated reports in Library for using them in next period.
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