BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the Freight Collection Module in order to manage hire and freight invoices and statements.

With the Freight Collection Module you will be able to:

  • Produce hire and freight invoices and statements.
  • Monitor balances of debtors/creditors.
  • Monitor broker pending to be paid.
  • Produce invoices for broker pending items.
  • Create provisional entries for broker pending items.
  • Reconcile company’s and charterers’ statements.
  • Calculate project payables / receivables.
  • Perform off hires.
  • Monitor what has been invoiced to charterer/owner by voyage/project.
  • Reconcile the invoiced amounts of the two parts of the charter party using the special tool in the module.
  • See what has been invoiced and identify any disagreement with charterer/owner.
  • Add items which the counterparty has invoiced but which have not yet been accepted (e.g. an off hire).
  • Monitor what is expected to be paid/received by period.
  • Base system calculations on voyage charter party data and invoiced items in period.
  • Identify off hire days and bunkers per vessel by period.
  • Allocate off hire days.
  • View off hire via the module system: per vessel, voyage, vessel/reason, voyage/reason.
  • Use the module’s special tool for freight collector to identify outstanding payments.
  • Monitor open voyages.
  • Perform analysis by vessel and type of off hire e.g. Off Hire, Off Hire Lumpsum, Off Hire Prorate and Underperformance.
  • Generate a list of balances of debtors and creditors.
  • Create a list of all open items for debtors/creditors calculating the balance between invoiced amounts and matching it with data.
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