BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the Human Resources Management System in order to help HR departments manage and monitor of human resources efficiently and confidentially. The module helps you to recruit management.

With the Human Resources Management System Module you will be able to:

  • Create a Candidate Profile with key information (name, date of birth, job title, etc).
    • Register CVs
    • Add attachments (references, cover letter)
  • Search using an advanced search facility to identify potential candidates from a list of stored profiles using skills and classification criteria.
  • Schedule the Interview process (date, interviewer, evaluation comments, interview form attachment).
  • Hire process.
  • View important staff details: personal information (name, birth date, etc.), benefits s/he is entitled to (e.g. Complementary Insurance), certificates & diplomas, qualifications/skills, training log, position, annual leave total/remaining.
  • Manage absence: Absence Request, Approval Process.
  • View an absence list using search criteria:
    • Employee
    • Reason
    • Type (e.g. Annual leave, sick leave, unpaid absence or other specific reasons for absence)
  • Store appraisal forms for each employee.
  • Create a list of appraisals and historic data with multiple search criteria.
  • Set up prearranged training.
  • Determine training needs per employee.
  • Register training details (training type, date, place, trainer, classification as internal or outsourced, list of participants, cost, etc.).
  • Create as list of training given/historical data using multiple search criteria.
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