Benefit has developed the IMO-DCS Reporting system to assist shipping companies in the creation of the reports required by IMO resolutions MEPC.292(71) and MEPC.282(70) for the development of a ship energy efficiency management plan (SEEMP).

With the IMO-DCS Reporting system, you will be able to:
Achieve full integration with Benefit Vessel Performance module, so no additional effort will be required by the crew or the office for data consolidation and reports preparation.
Retrieve critical data from Vessel Performance Module including:
Distances travelled including port movements,
ROB Quantities,
Bunkering Activities,
Time spent at sea (hours underway) under the vessel’s own propulsion.
Produce “BDN Summaries” and “Sample of Collected Data Summaries” reports by the system as per MEPC.292(71) templates.
Export “Annual Aggregated Data” as per MEPC.282(70) by the system.

Special care is taken at the start and end of the reporting period as regards the estimated ROB quantities in case of not existent data on these specific dates.
In addition, all the reports can be exported in Excel for further processing and submission.

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