BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the Inspections/Audits Module in order to record and monitor all forms of inspection & audit performed by any established authority or external & internal auditors.

With the Inspections / Audits module you will be able to:

  • Record inspections (PSC, Flag) and External / Internal audits (ISM, ISPS, ISO, etc).
  • Record important data such as date, reference, port, authority, inspector, superintendent, Master, Ch. Engineer etc. for any inspection.
  • Enter a full description & classification of findings.
  • Perform Root Cause Analysis.
  • Detail detention days, if any, and for each deficiency include details of action code & category for PSC.
  • Attach documents, spreadsheets and images for each Inspection/Audit and for each finding.
  • Enable the staff member responsible to close deficiencies or schedule them to close during next DD. You can also mark them for review purposes.
  • Specify checklists for any type of inspection. Maintain all previous versions of the checklists using the Revision Check List control system.
  • Automatically create cumulative Lists of findings of inspections/audits and distribute them to vessels. Record replies from vessels and monitor any non-compliance. Archive all cumulative lists for future reference.
  • Monitor outstanding deficiencies and next schedule of inspections/audits for all vessels or a specific fleet, in a combined report.
  • Perform an overview of fleet inspections based on multiple criteria such as period, port, inspection type, inspector, expiration date etc.
  • Access a historical record of deficiencies based on multiple criteria such as period, port, inspection type, inspector, responsible, type, subtype, due date, etc.
  • View the latest Inspections (PSC, Flag etc) for every vessel.
  • Perform route cause analysis of Deficiencies
  • Produce an Inspections Benchmarking report that shows the Comparison of External & Internal audits
  • Produce an Inspection/Audit KPI report that shows the average deficiencies per inspection in comparison with the target and inspections with number of deficiencies over target.
  • Record of PSC Inspections, average deficiencies per inspection, PSC inspections without deficiencies, PSC inspections with detention and detention days.
  • Carry out PSC Deficiency Analysis per action and category.
  • Report the number of inspections & average deficiencies per inspection per personnel involved (Inspector, Superintendent, Master, Ch. Engineer).
  • Record all stages of inspection in the application form:
    • Vessel, Major, application date & requested port for inspection.
    • Availability for inspection, inspector and place & date of inspection.
    • Receive reports from OCIMF and response to SIRE (send by & date).
    • Approval or not from major and expiry date.
  • Register Code of Question (selection from SIRE Vessel Inspection Questionnaires) and Inspector comments for every deficiency.
  • Attach comments from master, inspector evaluation form from master and other documents related to the inspection to the application form.
  • Allow the superintendent to register the answer for every deficiency and upload the answers that have been registered for the same question, in previous inspections.
  • Allow the person responsible to close deficiencies or schedule them to close during next DD. They can also be marked for review purposes.
  • Automatically create and distribute cumulative lists of inspection findings to the vessels. All cumulative lists of findings are archived for historical purposes.
  • Monitor status of approvals for a group of vessels & majors in a combined report.
  • Monitor scheduled plan and vetting inspections in progress.
  • View outstanding deficiencies based on due date and inspections approaching expiration for all vessels or specific fleet in a combined report.
  • View a history of inspections & deficiencies based on multiple criteria.
  • View details of successful & unsuccessful inspections per Major or vessel and average deficiencies per inspection. The same information is generated for the entire fleet.
  • Analyze findings per VIQ chapter & question.
  • Carry out Route Cause Deficiencies Analysis.
  • Perform a statistical analysis for a specific period of successful & unsuccessful inspections and average deficiencies per inspection, per Superintendent, Master, Ch. Engineer and Vetting Inspector.
  • Compare vetting inspections & internal vetting inspections based on VIQ check list.
  • Analyze findings of inspections per VIQ chapter & Question from invited inspector.
  • Create Master’s evaluation forms for invited inspector.
  • Automatically create a list with the items to be reviewed and send it to the vessel to remind of the pendencies.
  • Follow up pending deficiencies that are to be closed or reviewed.

Security / Audit

  • Permissions are implemented to the users in order to control the actions that they can execute to the system.
  • Locks are put in inspections reports that have already being sent to majors in order to prevent changes. Only the authorized user (super user) can unlock the case in order to implement the required changes.
  • The superintendent is assigned with user’s role in the system to maintain inspections & deficiencies, only in the vessels he/she is responsible for.
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