BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the Master General Account Module in order to cover the needs of shipping companies as they manage the payroll and expenses of their crew on board.

With the Master General Account module you will be able to:

  • Store key information for each seaman, such as details of contract per service and transactions in each MGA period.
  • Calculate the working days of each seaman.
  • Calculate pay (i.e. wages, deductions, taxes for Greek seamen).
  • Calculate and charge each seaman for Bonded Stores with the average cost of its supplies.
  • Finalize each MGA period (definition of average monthly rate).
  • Create balance sheet.
  • Create payroll per payment currency of each seaman (separately for Greeks and non-Greeks).
  • Produce pay report for individual seamen.
  • Produce assessments for tax purposes for Greek seamen and official document printouts for the Greek Tax Authorities.
  • Produce Master Cash Statement.
  • Produce Bonded Stores Statement.
  • Produce a summary of Provision Account.
  • Produce an analytical printout of transactions per category (e.g. Monthly Allotments, Cash Advances by Master, Crew Cigarettes, etc).
  • Determine MGA periods by using the module in conjunction with the BENEFIT Crew Management module.
  • Use different rates on the registration of transactions (i.e. on Cash Advances).
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