BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the Operation/Port Calls Module in order to monitor vessel activity in every Port of Call. The information is entered by users in the Operation Department and users in all other Departments who have access to the information.

With the Operation / Port Calls Module you will be able to:

  • Record detailed information on every port the vessel has called in to or is scheduled to call in to (next port calls or intention port calls).
  • Select the port from Port list (about 10,000 ports) or enter descriptively.
  • Record the ETA, ETB, ETD or actual Arrival, Berth, Departure date & time (LT & GMT).
  • Record activities (loading, discharging, supply, repair etc).
  • Specify Port Agents and ‘appointed by’ (Head charterer, Protected Owner, Sub charterer etc)
  • Retrieve agent’s full style from agent card.
  • Select the voyage from voyage list together with the charterer, the brokers and the F/N description.
  • Record the cargo description and quantity loaded or discharged.
  • Monitor vessel works that are scheduled to be completed in the port of call (e.g. Supplies / Spare Parts delivery, Crew change, Superintendent Attendance etc.).
  • Attach documents (e.g. cargo documents).
  • Allow vessel works to be entered by the Operation Department’s authorized users and users in all departments.
  • Enter a description of work to vessel by date, reference, originator, and department is entered.
  • Classify results by category and sub-category of vessel work.
  • Use the system to keep a log of all work done to vessels for audit purposes (e.g. disbursement accounts cross checking).
  • View the port that each vessel is calling in to or the next port of call with related information as: ΕΤΑ, ΕΤΒ, ETD, Activity, Agent, Voyage, and Charterer.
  • Have direct access to all detailed information such as: next port of call, previous port of call, agents, agent’s history, vessel works, charterers, brokers, sub-charters, etc.
  • View report of all the ports of call for each agent and in a specific period.
  • Search for agents who attended a particular port.
  • View a report of the status of vessel work based on various criteria.
  • Permit users to control the actions that they can perform within the system.
  • Permit the user to update Port of Call & Vessel works information only for the vessels he/she is responsible for.
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