BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the Ordering Module in order to assist with external procurement of various needs for Shipping Companies ordering processes.

With the Ordering Module you will be able to:

  • Document oriented system.
  • Base your supply cycle on the requisitions list.
  • Search for requisitions using multiple search criteria.
  • View all cycle documents (enquiry, quotations, evaluations, orders and invoices) at the same time in a single window.
  • View a library of provisions and stores with easy, user-friendly access to Item List.
  • Automatically check vendors’ prices and/or purchase orders divided among more than one vendor.
  • Monitor order per item in par with budget.
  • Monitor & compare the actual budget with the inserted budget per company based on date, vessel, period and cost criteria.
  • Operate the module in combination with the BENEFIT Budgeting and the Financial Management & Control System module & the technical modules. (Vessel Attendance List, Scheduled/Unscheduled List).
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