BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the Planned Maintenance System Module in order to monitor accurately vessel maintenance work as well as third party demands (such as Surveyors and Majors). The program has been approved and certified by NIPPON KAIJI KYOKAI (NKK) and complies fully with the requirements of the Planned Machinery Maintenance Scheme specified in the Society’s Guidance.

With the PMS Module you will be able to:

  • Monitor job status for the whole fleet in a single window.
  • Schedule and reschedule jobs.
  • Monitor completion of jobs using schedule lists created by user on board.
  • Share these lists and all necessary information between vessels and shore management using the “Benefit RDB” application using minimum size data packages.
  • Create new maintenance job with component name, job name, description of job, maintenance intervals (time or running hours), due date, person responsible, check list, etc.
  • Tree view projection of PMS components.
  • Create a list of class survey items with maintenance intervals and due date.
  • Confirm overdue items.
  • Create a list of critical equipment items to monitor and record separately.
  • Record completed jobs, measuring data and the degree of damage.
  • List jobs completed within a specified period of time.
  • List job history for a specified component.
  • List jobs completed during the past year for class survey items.
  • List spare parts and quantities in stock.
  • Manage quantities in stock, quantities ordered and quantities of spare parts delivered. (Requires Spare Parts Module).
  • Create a dry dock list of work orders programmed to be carried out the next time the vessel is in dry dock.
  • Create list of Job Orders.
  • Attach Excel forms for specific work orders filled in by the user on the vessel.
  • Create list of Defects.
  • Use the module in combination with the BENEFIT Spare Parts module.
  • Automatically update the office and vessel’s system database after use of “Benefit RDB” application, for the transfer of data between shore management and vessel.
  • Automatically update a vessel’s list of maintenance work orders after registration of requested/extraordinary (non-periodical) maintenance work order created by shore management user.
  • Automatically recalculate working hours of components after updating counters with current running hours.
  • Automatically update the database in the event of any shortages of spare parts.

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