BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the Project/Voyages Module in order to allow you to manage voyages of own and Charter In vessels.

With the Project / Voyages Module you will be able to:

  • Manage own and Charter In vessels.
  • Manage time charter, freight, repair and ballast voyages.
  • Manage COA.
  • Monitor Charter Party.
  • Monitor Fixture Note documents.
  • Calculate consumption and bunker trading.
  • Monitor voyage results.
  • Module is integrated with the Voyage Estimation module, the Operation modules & the Accounting modules.
  • Create reports on the results of a voyage for a specific period or for the entire voyage with an analysis of income/expenses.
  • Create reports on the vessel’s performance on specific days within a period.
  • Create an annual list of brokers/charterers showing an analysis of brokers/charterers per vessel for 9 years.
  • Compare estimation/operation and actual amounts (accounting figures) of a voyage.
  • Create a Charterer Log/Vessel Charter Log showing a breakdown of charterers (number of fixed F/Ns, etc.).
  • Produce an F/N Income breakdown with an analysis of own and managing vessels covering total income, an analysis of income per time charter and voyage and an analysis of voyage days.
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