Benefit Software has developed the Rest Hours Module in order to assist crew on board Vessels to maintain records of work and rest hours. It also helps Office users to easily collect, manage and report information for the entire fleet in order to demonstrate compliance with international work hour regulations. The module is Type Approved by Lloyd’s for the calculation of work and rest hours on the basis of the MLC requirements.

Main Features:

  • Rest and working hours are specified for each rank
  • A different working hours schedule can be applied for weekends (Sat & Sun)
  • Based on the defined schedule, the system assigns working hours for each seaman inside the period specified by the user
  • By defining operations and assigning seamen, the system continuously monitors overlapping
  • Multiple seamen can be assigned to a single event and their time logged automatically so that you do not leave participants out of events, e.g. drills, by mistake.
  • The system can report the working hours for all seamen in a specific day as well as the total working hours of a seaman for a period of time (e.g. one month)
  • The system logs the non-conformities
  • The system calculates the available working hours of the seamen thus allowing future operations to be scheduled
  • Working hours logged into the system can be protected against future mistaken manipulations.

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