BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the Revenues/Expenses Book Module in order to record the revenue and expenses of a company as required by Greek law. The module offers the option of keeping records for both clients and suppliers.

With the Revenues/Expenses Book Module you will be able to:

  • Manage more than one management company.
  • Invoice suppliers/ customers.
  • Customize columns for Account Books.
  • Customize Expense Accounts.
  • Customize document types.
  • Convert into Euro.
  • Record expenses of office and vessels.
  • Group expenses per company.
  • Print out analytical invoices for V.A.T. returns.
  • Carry out cash control per month based on Income minus Expenses.
  • Print out bank letters.
  • Print out invoices for the statement to the Ministries(ΚΕΠΥΟ).
  • Ensure documents are not double posted.
  • Validate VAT number of supplier/clients.
  • Ensure suppliers/clients are not double posted.
  • Lock documents up to a specific date.
  • Automatically export file of invoices for authorities in file for uploading in relative site.
  • Automatically convert into USD based on inserted daily rates.
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