BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the Risk Assessment Module in order to assist the assessor in the definition of Hazards for any operation taking place on board and/or in Office. The system provides a list of operations and hazards and keeps library of hazards for any operation. A fully adapted Matrix table can also be defined. Users onboard have access to preset hazard analyses per operation and are also provided with the capability to insert additional hazards in the system, upon review and confirmation by the office.

Main Features :

  • Library of Hazards, grouped into operation categories, easily retrieved
  • List of operations grouped into operation categories
  • Quick and accurate creation of risk assessment using already analysed hazards from Library.
  • Definition of Matrix table fully adaptable to Company’s system. Matrix is defined for any type of risk assessment.
  • In analysed Library of Hazards, existing controls can be mentioned and related documents can be attached for easy reference.
  • Reassessment of hazards can be performed periodically by the responsible user and previous versions of risk evaluation can be kept.
  • The Risk Assessments approval procedure can optionally be activated by the responsible user.
  • System separates new hazards, identified and analysed on board, from library hazards, giving to office the option of monitoring and accessing only new hazards.
  • The results of new risk assessments or reassessments of the system library can be distributed to the entire fleet.


  • The system distributes the common hazard evaluation library to the entire fleet, providing full control of hazard/ranking.
  • Matrix can be easily changed in line with the company’s revisions, and all risk assessments are automatically reassessed to the new matrix version.
  • Significant reduction in the time needed to monitor and process risk assessment on board. · Risk Assessment approval procedure can optionally be activated.


  • The system notifies the users of new risk assessments performed on board or in office. · Responsible users alerted for risk assessments approvals.
  • Combined reports extracted from the system provide information and statistics about the status of risk evaluations. These reports are produced per operation, operation group, risk level, office/vessel and period. They also contribute to the improvement of the system.


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