BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the Vessel Certificates Module in order to help management monitor basic Office and Vessel Certificates.

With the Vessel Certificates Module you will be able to:

  • Follow up outstanding Certificates – Surveys.
  • View a proposed system generated next due date when the inspection of an Item is registered based on interval as well as window, if range is defined.
  • View the status of all items for the whole fleet on the screen at the same time.
  • Create per item reports for keeping due date, window, extended date, interim as well as Class conditions.
  • View a presentation of Critical Item position (DD, Special surveys, Load Line etc) for whole fleet or a group of Vessels.
  • Generate a timeline projection per Vessel based on due date and window.
  • Historical keeping of Item’s inspection.
  • Group Certificates – Surveys in groups & subgroups.
  • Automatically update a certificate or a group of certificates with the Inspection Date.
  • Classify certificates – surveys as periodical or permanent.
  • View a number of Certificates simultaneously with due date in specific periods for the whole fleet or for group of vessels.
  • Create records of items and their status in Excel.
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