BENEFIT SOFTWARE has developed the Vessel Performance Module in order to assist in the management and monitoring of all information concerning the results of a voyage and the consumptions in Bunkers and Lubricants and to display statistical data either in list or graphs for one or more time charter voyages.

With the Vessel Performance module you will be able to:

  • Benefit from daily system updates either from Noon position reports or port activity reports.
  • Validate data.
  • Check voyage results.
  • Check average consumption F.O/D.O and compare with charter consumptions for different speeds.
  • Check engine stoppages (time & consumption) per voyage.
  • Produce a F.O/D.O and Lub. Oil statement.
  • Check total engine stoppages from last dry-docking.
  • Compare the vessel’s consumption in any given period with preestablished average values either in total or per voyage.
  • See the position of a vessel position directly on map or list with ΕΤΑ displayed (port date left days).
  • Monitor daily performance of a vessel or group of vessels.
  • Automatically load files sent from vessel.
  • Automatically update and synchronize with office.
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