Benefit Software has developed the Benefit WebCrew Agent Application, in order to assist Shipping companies and Manning Agents with the process of updating seamen details, certificates, prior experience, bank details, as well as with the uploading of scanned certificates and other documents.

With the Benefit WebCrew Agent Application Module, the Shipping Company saves considerable time by:

Assigning the process of updating seamen details, photos, certificates, previous sea services and other attachments to the Manning Agent
Providing flexibility in inserting & renewing seaman’s mandatory certificates and respective scanned documents
Reducing communication between shipping and manning agent, related to suggested seamen to be embarked
Avoiding double entries (more than one side updating the system)
Automatically Initializing seaman’s approval procedure based on rank and vessel
Providing real-time interaction between crew web application and the company’s Crew module database
Easily monitoring the activity of the Manning Agents (who inserted, what, when)

The Company’s Benefit system administrator internally manages the Manning Agent control of the data entry and the access to specific seamen records.

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