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Welcome to BENEFIT SOFTWARE ERP framework, our 24/7 gate for the thousands of daily active users worldwide, on vessels and on land. Enjoy state-of-the-art applications specifically developed for the shipping industry, awarded for their flawless functionality, leading integration, uncompromised efficiency, exceptional levels of security and full conformity to international standards and protocols. Anytime. Anywhere.


The future in Maritime Information & Communication Management has just arrived. Enter the brave new world of bTeam© and experience the unlimited capabilities of our latest innovation: connect your ERP and Messaging into a single platform, integrate e-mail clients with ERP, office documents and messages and transform unstructured data into meaningful info, all in one screen, case-grouped. Simpler. Faster. Better.


A definite “plus” to your shipping business. Our Business Analytics services will successfully serve your strategy and let you discover rapidly all striking insights in a few clicks. Gain critical information at any combination and from any source, use “built-in” historical, current & predictive key business metrics, produce reports at no time, correlate, analyze and define trends. Make better decisions, faster.

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