ShipIT Conference: A strong call for Innovation

Benefit Software, a Grand Sponsor of the ShipIT Conference that took place on September 30, under the auspices of A.M.M.I.TE.C, would like to express a heartfelt “Thank You” to all contributors, speakers, delegates and exhibitors for their valuable support.

The one-day event successfully presented the importance of IT in creating best practices, innovative approaches and business models leading to a more efficient operation of the shipping companies.

The conference can be described as a successful encounter of world-class Industry experts and IT professionals whereas impressive presentations and inspired in-depth discussions examined the critical role of IT in responding effectively to constantly increasing challenges.

Special attention was drawn on the importance of Business Analytics in the Shipping Industry as well as its significance in strategy formulation and risk management. Learn more about the nature, the characteristics, the benefits and the concerns related to Business Analytics as they were presented at ShipIT Conference here.

For more info regarding Benefit Software Business Analytics Services click here.

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