“Training-needs management Optimized”: the face of the Training Module by Benefit Software.

Developed for the specific needs of the heavily regulated shipping industry, the Training module by Benefit Software is designed to support HR and Crew Management departments in streamlining the seemingly endless administrative tasks related to crew training processes and turn them into the company’s competitive advantage.

The module essentially provides an integrated framework that takes care of all areas of the training management process, addressing the complexities of timely and effective crew training needs:

  • from defining, collecting, and monitoring training requests to the establishment of the training requirements
  • from planning & executing the training events to budget monitoring

An automated solution that transforms the repetitive training-management jungle into a robust integrated chain, connecting inter-departmental training needs with results, all under the scope of compliance with international protocols and guidelines.

With solid proof of the training processes and the corresponding high degree of traceability, the module is a key-component of the Benefit Software Ecosystem, allowing:

  • the development of training requirements per vessel type and/or rank regardless of the number of the participants
  • the traceability of the source of the training-need ( e.g., an incident, a non-conformity, a seaman evaluation, etc.)
  • the full integration with the accounting module for invoicing actions
  • the real-time monitoring of training actions
  • the reporting of training results

An integrated, fully visible central control point that upscales training management, bypasses traditional training insufficiencies and loopholes, improves business performance and critically contributes to the development of an organizational training culture.

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