The new, web-based way for touch-free crew updates

Designed to facilitate crew updates & planning during challenging times, the recently introduced web-app allows crew info to be inputted to your BENEFIT SOFTWARE Crew module straight from the source: your Manning Agent. With WebCrew © all seamen details, certifications, documents and updates are fed directly into your ERP environment without lifting a finger, eliminating double-entry errors and redundant tasks.
By securely logging into WebCrew ©, your Manning Agent will be allowed to enter seamlessly all current and future seamen details into your Crew Module, 24/7, globally, from any web-browser, with levels and records of accessibility fully controlled by the office, achieving:

  • Elimination of unnecessary communication between office and Manning Agent
  • Real time, instant integration between the Manning Agents’ acts and the Crew Management Module
  • Full monitoring of Manning Agent’s activities

WebCrew © is the touch-free bridge between your Manning Agent’s desk and your Crew Module screen, a revolutionary upgrade in controlling the crewing process while bringing time and effort waste practically to ZERO.

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